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A Member Survey

Dear Fellow Men’s Club Members,

Our Board is working hard to ensure that your meeting experiences are positive during these difficult pandemic times. In order to help us move ahead with improving our response to the pandemic, both in the current stage and in a transition stage when we will start meeting together again, we would benefit greatly from knowing your thoughts and preferences.

To help with this, we have developed a survey that deals primarily with Zoom meetings, alternate meeting ideas and communications. We would appreciate your responding to this survey, hopefully no later than Dec. 28.

As with all aspects of this pandemic, we can each play a part by working together. In that spirit, we ask that you assist our Club by completing the survey.

Please feel free to not answer any questions with which you do not feel comfortable.

Thank you,

Jim Sanders, President GWMC


Survey Question One

Survey Question Two

Survey Question Three : COVID-19 Meeting Social Aspects

The Board recognizes that during COVID-19 members miss the pre-meeting group social interactions. For the current period when we are unable to meet face-to-face at the ICC, the Board is attempting to create the sociability in other ways.

To better simulate the ICC pre-meeting social interaction, would you be interested in participating in a one month trial where you would meet with the same six to eight members each Tuesday in a pre-meeting Zoom session? The session would start about 9:20 am and end at 9:55 am, before the start of the Club meeting.

Once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, would you be interested in being part of small (5-15 member) ad-hoc, informal, special interest groups that meets separately from the regular meeting, e.g. film group, book group, woodworking group, coffee group, walking group, other?

Survey Question Four: Returning to ICC

Survey Question Five: Communications

Survey Question Six: Recruitment

The number of Club members has decreased over the past few years and there is a concern that the COVID-19 pandemic may cause the number to reduce further. To have full functions and economic viability following the pandemic, it is necessary to recruit new members. To help with recruitment, the Board would like your opinions on the following:

In order to recruit new members, incentives should be offered to members who sponsor new members (e.g. discount of a Club member’s fees for a year) (Select One)

In order to recruit new members, the Club should consider sharing joint activities with other clubs. (Select One)

In order to recruit new members, the Club should consider allowing membership of men who live outside our traditional boundaries, especially with the use of Zoom meetings. (Select One)

Survey Question Six: Your Comments

This Ends the Survey. Thank you for Participating. Press Submit Below